Create ZFS in Proxmox

ZFS is in Proxmox GUI is meh. You can't add more content other than Disk Images and Containers? What about my ISO? This guide will show how to add all content via everyone's best friend, the Terminal.


  1. At least 2 or more disk
  2. Wipe the disk (Either in fdisk or Proxmox)

Wiping the disk

via Proxmox GUI

Go to the Proxmox webpage and wipe the disk. The option is under your node -> Disks. I will be setting up Mirror raid level for "/dev/sdc" and "/dev/sdd".

via dd

If the command line is your way, you can run the command below. Make sure to replace the device id with yours.

# dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sdc bs=512 count=1
sdc sdd is now ready

Create ZPOOL

"zpool create" command will create a new ZFS pool to create more ZFS dataset.

example: zpool create tank raidz sda sdb sdc sdd sde sdf

command i run:
# zpool create local-zfs mirror sdc sdd


By default, after you create your zpool, it will be mounted in the "/" directory.

Mounting to Proxmox

Go to the Proxmox web UI and add a new Directory.

Now I test the new Directory by uploading a new ISO.

Checking ZFS Health Status

Proxmox UI will automatically detects the ZFS and insert it in the ZFS page.